Carvana, Charlotte, NC (12-25-2018)

This eight-story tall glass “vending machine” certainly stands out along South Boulevard opposite Scaleybark LYNX station. I didn’t buy a car today but I did check them out.

The “vending machine” is definitely a gimmick but it’s cute. No, you’re not stuffing $10k worth of quarters into the thing. You’ll buy it online and pick it up here. You can even fly in to CLT and they’ll not only pay for your one-way plane ticket, they’ll arrange transport from the airport to the site. Seems too clever indeed.

The tower holds 32 cars and here’s how it all works. You start with their website where you choose your car and arrange to either have it delivered or pick it up from the “vending machine.” Then you just schedule a time to go to the machine where you’ll get a commemorative “Cavana coin” to put into the machine. This activates it and transports the car from the tower to the delivery bay. No human intervention at all.

The apparently buy cars too. Because they have a much smaller footprint than traditional car dealers, even used ones and including “no haggle” like CarMax or AutoNation, they can offer the cars at a lower price.

I’m not currently in the market for a new used car, but you can be sure that I’ll be considering Carvana as I look at vehicles. Charlotte’s location opened in 2018. There are a dozen or so other “vending machine” locations around the US.

[Review 10218 overall, 1805 of 2018.]

Link: Carvana, Charlotte, NC (12-25-2018)

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