El Rodeo, Lemoyne, PA (12-24-2018)

Tuesday night dinner here with a colleague and we were disappointed on multiple levels.

I do understand that there are restaurants that don’t have alcohol licenses and this El Rodeo does not have one. When the waiter indicated so as he set down the chips and salsa, I should have left. I did not. So keep that in mind if you’re looking for a beer or a margarita with your meal.

I ordered guacamole and a small dish of it arrived. A little spicy, the avocados were completely mushed. Considering that it was around $4, the size was reasonable.

For main course, steak fajitas for me and on the side, I asked them to hold the rice and beans. Normally, this would mean a bit more of the cheese or guacamole or pico on the side plate. Not so at El Rodeo. Plenty of onions and green peppers on the sizzling platter, there could definitely be more beef. Small pieces here.

My colleague had a taco salad for his main course. The shell was barely half filled and very light on chicken. He did not enjoy his meal at all.

El Rodeo could use some improvements before I’ll consider returning.

[Review 10211 overall, 1798 of 2018.]

Link: El Rodeo, Lemoyne, PA (12-24-2018)

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