Sheetz, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-23-2018)

Two stops here this week, once for drinks after lunch and once for coffee in the morning. The store is clean and well-stocked and the checkout moves swiftly.

I like that they have a variety of creamers and milks to add to the different flavors of coffee. There’s also sweeteners, but I skipped over that. Four different sizes of coffee cups from small to massive. Excellent.

Good snacks on the shelves and drinks in the coolers plus a bunch of other things that you’ll need from a convenience store including automotive stuff.

Well lit, covered gas pumps with squeegees.

[Review 10207 overall, 1794 of 2018.]

Link: Sheetz, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-23-2018)

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2018-12-18 12.40.59

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