Moe’s Bar & Grill, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-23-2018)

We stopped in for lunch today because chicken wings – in the right sauce – are very good on my eating program. It gets quite busy here at lunch time so be a little patient. Not that it’s a bad thing. Just be prepared if it’s busy.

Service was prompt and attentive. The gent took our order and filled drinks, our food was brought by another about 15 minutes later.

My basket of wings were good. Nicely sauced but not swimming in it, cooked properly. I’ve had meatier but the sauce was good and hot. Blue cheese dressing with celery, of course.

I’d return to Moe’s. Next time, I’ll get a beer too.

[Review 10205 overall, 1792 of 2018.]

Link: Moe’s Bar & Grill, Mechanicsburg, PA (12-23-2018)

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