Wendy’s, Shrewsbury, PA (12-22-2018)

Late night Wendy’s, I stopped here on my way north from Baltimore towards Harrisburg. The store wasn’t too busy at 8:00 PM but it filled up a bit for some reason.

My triple Baconator was delicious. On a keto eating program, this sort of thing is excellent – meat, bacon, cheese, fat. Just dump the bun and have them hold the ketchup. Eat with knife and fork, though I understand that they’ll wrap it in lettuce if you ask them to.

The restaurant was clean, they do have a Coke Freestyle machine here.

It’s A-OK.

[Review 10201 overall, 1787 of 2018.]

Link: Wendy’s, Shrewsbury, PA (12-22-2018)

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