TOLA Rose Italian Eats, Charlotte, NC (12-21-2018)

I caught up with TOLA-Rose today because they were getting some work done on their vehicle so they were parked at the Pep Boys. They spun up and decided to start selling their menu and I was hungry. Easy, pleasy.

I opted for the most keto-friendly thing on the menu, a meatball sub. Served with plenty of sauce and plenty of cheese on a toasted sub roll, I don’t know how anyone would pick this up and try to eat it without wearing half of it. But there’s me with a knife and fork, since I’m not eating the bun.

Tasty, rich sauce. Spicy meatballs. Melted cheese. It was quite good.

[Review 10199 overall, 1785 of 2018.]

Link: TOLA Rose Italian Eats, Charlotte, NC (12-21-2018)

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2018-12-14 12.54.15

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