Dodge City Steakhouse, Harrisburg, PA (12-21-2018)

Dining tonight with a colleague, Dodge City is in my credit card rewards program and that definitely influenced my decision to come all the way to here. That and “steak.”

Warmly greeted and we had very good service all evening. Our waitress was completely understanding of my keto eating regime and made suggestions to help. Excellent.

So I had the iceberg wedge to start and it was a nicely topped with bacon and blue cheese and a light dressing that was probably a little too sweet but still good. A good portion and a great starter.

Main course arrived, a 16 ounce ribeye that was covered with mushrooms and a brown sauce. Perhaps a little too “marbled” as a reasonable portion of fat was sliced and set to the side. Still, the steak actually had a good flavor and I enjoyed it. The Brussels sprouts with it were nothing special at all and unless you really like them, I’d recommend something else.

My colleague had the coconut shrimp and pronounced them “excellent.”

It’s an urban/industrial neighborhood so I would point out that yous hould not be leaving anything in sight in your parked car.

Round number review 10200, 1786 of 2018.]

Link: Dodge City Steakhouse, Harrisburg, PA (12-21-2018)

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