Cobblestone Cafe, Boston, MA (12-21-2018)

I’m not sure that it was “the best burger in Boston.” It was good and I enjoyed it but it really wasn’t all that.

I chose the “Cottage Burger” and it was cooked to order and delivered to the table on a paper plate. With bacon and cheddar and a fried egg, the 8 ounce burger was juicy and okay. Not great, but definitely good and if you’re looking for a good-sized burger and not wanting to pay more than $10ish for it, Cobblestone’s the place.

The restaurant has a very small dining area. Stools and small high top tables, very little ambiance. Definitely not a “date” place.

[Review 10196 overall, 1782 of 2018.]

Link: Cobblestone Cafe, Boston, MA (12-21-2018)

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