The Original Black’s Barbecue, Austin, TX (12-19-2018)

et vendors, I landed here at The Original Black’s. I’ve been to the Black’s in Lockhart and it was awesome, but I’ve been to countless other Texas-style BBQ joints since then. I can say that this one definitely stands up to its peers and is in the top tier for sure.

Despite a 5:00 PM arrival, there was no wait at the counter where I ordered my meat and sides. I managed to pick a Shiner Light out of the bucket of ice while my meal was sliced and plattered.

The brisket was excellent. Nice and moist, it needed no sauce for the excellent flavor. The pickles and onions from the fixings bar were an excellent accompaniment as was the cole slaw.

Absolutely delicious meal that was my last in Austin.

[Review 10189 overall, 1775 of 2018.]

Link: The Original Black’s Barbecue, Austin, TX (12-19-2018)

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