Yellowbird Foods, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

Offices only, you can’t get your Yellowbird here. Instead, find it at better restaurants and retailers in the Austin area and on those Amazon people. I got mine with breakfast at Phoebe’s in Austin and wooohooo, all three flavors I tried are hot hot hot.

Green, made with serrano peppers. Red, made with jalapeno peppers. Yellow, made with habanero peppers. Hot, hotter, hottest. And they produce a ghost pepper that I’m going nowhere near. Wow.

The thing is, these are hot but they actually have a flavor of peppers. The jalapeno on my poached eggs tasted like jalapenos and eggs, not like some other sauces that simply taste like “fire.”

Good stuff. Get some.

[Review 10184 overall, 1770 of 2018.]

Link: Yellowbird Foods, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

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