University of Texas Tower, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

Six bucks to access the tower, which you’ll pay nearby and get your ticket. The tours depart on the hour and you must be on time. You will pass through a magnetometer and there are no bags or backpacks permitted. Once started, there’s no early departure and there is no bathroom on the observation deck. So take that into account, as well as the weather, as you prepare to zoom to the top for the view.

Yes, the UT Tower is *that* clock tower and that is something that the tour guides will not discuss. It’s hard not to miss the chips in the concrete and you’ll know what that’s about. I think it’s great that these have not been repaired as it is important not to gloss over the history of what happened that terrible, terrible day.

Once you get past that, the 360 degree view from up here is special. On this particular day, there was a “loaner” pair of binoculars that you could use to look at the horizon and even as far away as Austin-Bergstrom Airport.

Enjoy the views, listen to the students talk about the history of UT and the tower and look out for the “trick” question.

Hook ’em high.

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Link: University of Texas Tower, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

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