Ten Commandments Monument, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

Here’s something you don’t see every day, the Ten Commandments on state Property, in this case the grounds of the Texas State Capitol. This one dates back to 1961, “Presented to the people and youth of Texas by the Fraternal Order of Eagles of Texas.”

It’s the full Ten from “No other Gods before Me” through “Shall not steal” to “Shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife.” At the top, the eagle clutching an American flag and the All Seeing Eye.

I’m all in favor of the Ten Commandments but I’m not sure that it belongs on state property. Would they allow every other religion that wants to donate a beautiful marble sculpture? Are you sure, because I’m sure the pagans and the wiccans could each put together the money for their own monuments.

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Link: Ten Commandments Monument, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

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