Southside Wrecker, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

It must be quite unfortunate to be in a career where you face customers through bulletproof glass that looks into a lobby with steel walls. When you and your employer are basically vultures, I would expect that you’re overdrawn at the karma bank and should have trouble sleeping at night. I also wonder what one tells their parents about what they do for a living. It’s employment, certainly. So it has that going for it. But is it adding to society?

Here’s the story. I parked my car this evening in a space that turned into valet use after 5pm. Yes, the sign was there and I was not, therefore the car was towed. It was towed nearly ten miles away, which ended up costing $15 for a Lyft. I suppose it could have been further away, right? At the tow place, my experience was similar to others, i.e., no they can’t give me the car because I need proof of ownership. It’s a rental, I said. Need proof of ownership, he said. I don’t have a rental agreement because it’s “Emerald Aisle” where you just take the car and go, I said. Need roof of ownership, he said.

So I called the rental car company and reached someone (challenging at Saturday at 11:00 PM) who was eventually able to email a copy of the rental agreement, which was received by guy behind the bulletproof glass. It was a little fuzzy but from three feet away from the computer screen, I could easily read the license plate, description of the car and yes, my name. Not clear enough, said the guy. “We might get audited.”

And that has me wondering. If he’s concerned about getting audited from a paperwork that’s slightly blurry but still readable, what other things might he have let past? I merely ask the question.

Meanwhile, I was too tired to deal with this bullshit and attitude so I caught another Lyft back to the hotel where I had access to a printer. I returned to this place in the morning and the woman working the counter had the SAME EXACT printout from last night, but she said it was okay. And I got to pay an extra $20 storage after 12 hours.

Vultures. I hope that you never have to deal with these vultures. In fact, I hope no one ever has to deal with them ever again. My deeper feelings go to the City of Austin who partner with this business and allow their visitors and residents to be fleeced for $218 for a tow. Does the city get a big cut of that? I would not be surprised.

Thanks, Austin. You suck too.

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