Phoebe’s Diner, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

After a frustrating morning, I was ready for a kick ass breakfast and I received it and more at Phoebe’s. Fortunately, a brief wait on a Sunday morning before I was seen to a stool at the counter that looked into a food prep and staging area. When my waitress came by with a menu and then went to get coffee before returning, I went right to the brisket and eggs.

It didn’t take long and this platter of protein was placed in front of me. Goodness gracious, that’s some taste. The brisket was perfectly cooked and full of flavor. I was offered the Yellowbird hot sauces which I’ll review elsewhere and yes, I put some on the eggs but none on this excellent brisket. With it a sausage that was okay and steamed spinach (instead of hash browned potatoes), I cleared the plate.

Great service, great coffee, a huge and filling meal that I enjoyed.

[Review 10183 overall, 1769 of 2018.]

Link: Phoebe’s Diner, Austin, TX (12-18-2018)

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