Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, Austin, TX (12-16-2018)

Arriving at 9:30 PM, there was zero wait but as a party of one, the hostess suggested that I would be better off at the bar. So I took the end seat of the bar and actually had a grand time. Much better than if I was just chilling at a table by myself!

I got the spicy deviled eggs to start. This is a big portion with five halved eggs and a pile of rather spicy pickles to go with. Delicious.

My main course arrived. I had the one meat platter. Brisket with collard greens and cole slaw. The brisket was absurd. It was almost too good. Perfect flavor, excellent texture, just the right tenderness that no knife was needed. And while the bartender did line up their three bottles of sauces (house, mustard and hot), none of them were at all needed for this tasty meat.

The seat at the bar was great and they do have a special bar menu. My eggs and platter of brisket was $30. A real bargain.

Five stars for Lamberts!

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