Half Step, Austin, TX (12-16-2018)

Half Step was the first one of the Rainey Street spots where I stopped for some drinks and some live music. I landed here at 6:45 and ordered the “bartender’s choice” with a gin base. He made something quite delicious and I have no idea what it was. So I’m sure you will be fine if you put yourself in your mixologist’s capable hands here.

Listening to the background music was fine for a while but it turns out that even though the musicians showed up at 7:00 and then set up through 8:30, they weren’t going to start their set until 10:00. So with two drinks in my belly, I headed on to something else.

It’s a nice comfy bungalow-style house with the kitchen as bar and the wall knocked out to expose what would have been the front bedroom and the living room into a stage area for music. Definitely loud.

[Review 10179 overall, 1765 of 2018.]

Link: Half Step, Austin, TX (12-16-2018)

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