Rainey Street, Austin, TX (12-15-2018)

My Aggie friend told me that Rainey Street was a “must do” for a chance to get a few beers and see some live music. While Sixth Street competes with Rainey Street, this is a whole lot more fun.

In mid-December, the crowds were pretty calm. Cold and wet weather definitely dampened the mood but there were still some crazy and loud folks to be seen. Lots of girls, lots of dudes, this is clearly the upscale hangout.

A few dozen converted homes that date back to the Great Depression, it’s no longer residential and has turned into a nightlife district for sure.

Pick a house, any house. They’re all full of booze and live music. There are also food trucks along the way, pedicabs to bring you from one end to the other, and some paid (expensive) parking.

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Link: Rainey Street, Austin, TX (12-15-2018)

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