Glory Hole Hot Dogs, Austin, TX (12-15-2018)

I was only a little into my cups as I made my wait down Rainey Street and into this courtyard of food trucks so it was the name that caught my eye and I decided “Yes, I will have a hot dog from this place.”

A simple all-American, which is a large and thick hot dog on a toasted bun, topped with beanless chili (of course, beanless you heathen!) and shredded cheese. For show, they brought out the torch and melted the cheese before adding a sprinkling of onions. Delicious.

I managed not to wear *any* of this monstrosity but that could be because I did it in a mostly keto-friendly fashion by using a fork and not picking it up as I did not eat the bun.

Get some at Glory Hole. *snicker*

[Review 10178 overall, 1764 of 2018.]

Link: Glory Hole Hot Dogs, Austin, TX (12-15-2018)

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