Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin, TX (12-14-2018)

Formerly just the “Congress Avenue Bridge,” it was renamed in 2006 to honor the 45th Governor of Texas, Travis County Commissioner and long-term resident of Austin, Ann Richards.

The first bridge across the Colorado River here was constructed in 1869 or 1871. It’s been replaced a number of times and this current structure – a concrete arch bridge – was opened in 1910 with a rehabilitation in 1980. It is six lanes across with pedestrian pavements on both sides.

The bridge is home to the largest urban bat colony, but there were none to be seen in December as they migrate to Mexico for the winter. There’s a separate Yelp entry for that.

I crossed the bridge twice.

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Link: Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, Austin, TX (12-14-2018)

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