The Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX (12-13-2018)

Not the greatest art museum but Austin’s Blanton is a very good art museum. It’s a beautiful structure and they have filled it with high quality art. The staircase area has a stunning blue tile wall that is a massive piece of art. I enjoyed looking at it and certainly it makes for a great selfie background.

The exhibit halls are nicely walked through and the art is not crowded at all. I found the museum to be quiet and the noise throughout the exhibit halls did not carry much at all.

Cubist, expressionist, classic European 16th and 17th century portraiture, sculptures, Western landscapes, photography, pre-historic Italian pottery, even some contemporary art. It’s a very wide collection going on here.

Definite positives including a free wifi, a liberal photography policy (the usual “no flash”, a reasonable museum store and validated parking.

I enjoyed my time here and definitely do not want to sound like a whiner. There are a couple of opportunities for improvement: I’d love to see some sort of audio guide system and I wanted more prints/posters/postcards of the art in the store.

You can easily spend three hours here, no problem.

[Review 10164 overall, 1750 of 2018.]

Link: The Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX (12-13-2018)

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