Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX (12-13-2018)

Five stars for a Capitol that is wide open for visitors on the weekend. So many of the others I have visited are locked up tight and tourists can’t enter the building on a Saturday or Sunday. Yes, I’m talking to you Concord and Montpelier and Phoenix!

It’s a beautiful and massive structure. On this particular Saturday, I was able to enter both the Senate Chamber and the House Chamber. While some areas are roped off, there’s still plenty to see. And the rest of the building, while many of the offices are locked, there is still lots to experience and see some of the history of the Lone Star State.

The building is the largest of all fifty states in terms of square footage though it is only the sixth tallest (hello, Baton Rouge). Beautiful granite and marble and of course, the dome is stunning. From the fourth floor, I did get a little vertigo.

Other than a brief xray and magnetometer, the building is open. I think that’s great! The Texas State Capitol definitely lives up to the State Motto, “Friendship.”

My 28th State Capitol!

[Review 10165 overall, 1751 of 2018.]

Link: Texas State Capitol, Austin, TX (12-13-2018)

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