Bullock Texas State History Museum, Austin, TX (12-13-2018)

Oh, the things that I thought I knew about Texas history but had no idea. Spending two hours here was a great education on the Lone Star State from its prehistory to how it came to be Texas and then into more modern times with what Texas has brought to the world and how it operates today.

There’s just so much to see here that it would be an injustice to list it as I would miss something important. So I’ll tell you that the Rodeo exhibit is very cool with a number of video monitors with short (three minutes or so) explanations of rodeo around the state. The “Come and Take It” display was an interesting history that I’ve never heard before. The 1850 Treaty Stone is an interesting artifact that reminded me about some history. The history of cowboys and Hollywood was interesting and of course, it’s Texas pride that the first word radioed back to Earth from the Moon was “Houston” as in “Houston, the Eagle has landed.”

Well worth the admission price and the time. If you can find it, there is metered street parking otherwise they do have a $10 garage.

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Link: Bullock Texas State History Museum, Austin, TX (12-13-2018)

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