Frank Teich Historical Marker, Llano, TX (12-12-2018)

This monument to an important member of the Llano community sits on the grass in front of the Llano County Courthouse. Placed in 1984, it’s seen some better days but it is still legible. It reads:

(Sept. 22, 1856 – Jan. 27, 1939) A native of Germany, Frank Teich studied under master German artists and sculptors before coming to the United States in 1878. By 1883, he was established in San Antonio as an accomplished stonemason and artist. His supervision of work on the State Capitol led to other jobs, including construction of the Tarrant County Courthouse and the creation of numerous Confederate memorials and other monuments throughout the South. In 1901, he founded Teich Monument Works near Llano, which resulted in the development of the area’s granite production industry. He is buried in the Llano Cemetery.
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Link: Frank Teich Historical Marker, Llano, TX (12-12-2018)

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