Arturo’s Underground Cafe, Austin, TX (12-12-2018)

Real breakfast in Austin, I stopped in to Arturo’s because there were options on their menu that would work with my keto eating regime. I arrived at just the right time – around 10:30 am on Saturday with a light rain – and so I was seated at one of the stools immediately. Service could have been better – the waiter not only had to come back to check my order but he completely forgot about my coffee.

The “Austin” omelet includes bacon and avocado topped with a chipotle hollandaise. I subbed out the grilled home fries for a side salad ($3 upcharge seems like a lot but whatever). It arrived promptly and was delicious. A good portion and the bacon in there was crunchy.

[Review 10160 overall, 1746 of 2018.]

Link: Arturo’s Underground Cafe, Austin, TX (12-12-2018)

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2018-12-08 10.43.04

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