Packsaddle Mountain Historical Marker, Llano County, TX (12-11-2018)

By the side of the road between Austin and Llano, this granite marker is easy to miss. There is a “Historical marker 1 mile” from either direction and it’s right here at the intersection of State Road 71 and State Road 309. Stop and pay tribute to those who have gone before us. The marker reads:

“Two and one-half miles east on the Packsaddle Mountain. In a battle fought August 4, 1873, Captain J.P Moss, Stephen B. Boss, William B. Moss, Eli Lloyd, Arch Martin, Pink Ayers, E.D. Harrington and Robert Brown routed a band of Indians thrice their number. The last Indian battle in this region. Erected by the State of Texas, 1936.”

[Review 10152 overall, 1738 of 2018.]

Link: Packsaddle Mountain Historial Marker, Llano County, TX (12-11-2018)

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