Veracruz All Natural, Austin, TX (12-10-2018)

Parked at the Radio Coffee & Beer, this was my first breakfast in Austin and so I went with the traditional Austin breakfast. Breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos are important in Austin and is there really anything better than a breakfast taco from a food truck?

So I ordered my tacos and stepped into Radio for a coffee. I was back at my seat in time for the buzzer to go off.

I picked up my two poblano breakfast tacos, wrapped in foil. The second one was still hot after I had finished the first. A flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, black beans, avocado and corn chips topped with crumbled white queso. As I’m eating a keto diet, I had to pick out some of it but what was left? Delicious.

Tip: You pick up your tacos at the front passenger window.

[Review 10151 overall, 1737 of 2018.]

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