Hmart, Cambridge, MA (12-8-2018)

Not just Korean foods, this supermarket has a ton of other stuff. Lots and lots of imported tasty things. Sauces, powders, canned foods and candies and meats. All sorts of brands and languages that I could not understand at all.

Plus a bunch of produce that was very nicely displayed and looking fresh. Meats in interesting cuts and preparations that have them ready for cooking with hotpots and grills.

If you need it and it’s something that’s not regularly stocked at the local Stop ‘n Shop? It’s likely right here.

[Review 10142 overall, 1728 of 2018.]

Link: Hmart, Cambridge, MA (12-8-2018)

Previous:  Blackstrap BBQ, Winthrop, MA (12-7-2018)

2018-12-06 10.01.06

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