Blackstrap BBQ, Winthrop, MA (12-7-2018)

Dinner with two friends to celebrate the end of my time on the Massachusetts project, we headed here as one friend has a car and Blackstrap isn’t really easy to access otherwise. (There’s a bus, I suppose.)

It’s a barbecue joint, so it isn’t exactly a calm and orderly restaurant. It’s more fun. You’ll want to enter through the door next to the bar (we picked the side door next to the back room, oops) and then you might be able to find someone to seat you to a table. Two two-tops were dragged together, we were given menus and water. I immediately placed an order for six wings while we figured out what was for dinner. Drinks arrived before the wings and we placed our dinner orders.

The wings arrived and they were different. Smoked and fried and sauced, they were delicious. The smoky flavor was obvious and the buffalo sauce was not too hot. Very delicious. I could totally go to town on these.

For my main course, I chose a two-meat plate. The brisket was delicious. Not too “moist” it was flavorful and did not need sauce. The North Carolina pulled pork was different than what I’m used to but it was good. Big pieces mixed with small, a bit too much sauce tossed through it, but it was still flavorful and delicious.

For sides, I had the cole slaw (quite creamy, not very tangy) and the collard greens (nicely cooked, very light on vinegar). I passed my cornbread to my friend, so no word there. I didn’t get my friend’s thoughts on their meals other than it was delicious. I snuck some green beans which were very crisp and delicious. The baked beans were a disappointment, especially as they’re right here in Boston! So I’d recommend skipping those and sticking to what they’re good at, which is everything else. The mac & cheese looked awesome – practically a “cake slice” that held together well.

Service was fun and light and attentive. It’s a laid back place for sure and that’s perfectly okay for a barbecue joint.

Street parking only.

[Review 10141 overall, 1727 of 2018.]

Link: Blackstrap BBQ, Winthrop, MA (12-7-2018)

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