Burger King (Tremont St.), Boston, MA (12-7-2018)

Similar to their competitor two blocks away, this BK has a certain loitering issue. As a deeply urban location, it’s a little more beat up and run down than others. But they have seats and tables and a counter, so it all works out.

I was here for my “Whopper Detour” and so I ordered it on the app and it was ready very quickly. The lady who bagged my order thought that it was pretty clever I was able to get my 1 cent Whopper to work as other people are having trouble.

As for the Whopper, it’s been a while since I had one. This was nicely wrapped in paper and had the usual toppings. The tomato slices did not have core and the lettuce was not frozen or bruised. The patty itself had a charred flavor that is unique to Burger King. The buns (which I discarded as I’m on a low carb eating program) were too lightly toasted.

[Review 10140 overall, 1726 of 2018.]

Link: Burger King (Tremont St.), Boston, MA (12-7-2018)

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