Wellesley Square Commuter Rail Station, Wellesley, MA (12-6-2018)

Close to the center of Wellesley, Wellesley Square is a below grade station. There are two medium-sized parking lots, one on each side of the tracks for a total of 224 spaces. A small glass booth exists as a waiting area for inbound. I did not see one for outbound trains.

The station does have some handicapped accessibility but the website mentions “significant accessibility barriers.” I did not see any wheelchair ramps for getting onto or off the trains.

Located on the Framingham/Worcester line, Wellesley Square is between Natick Center (outbound) and Wellesley Hills (inbound). It is in Zone 3. Inbound and outbound, there are a total of 20 stops here during a single day.

[Review 10132 overall, 1718 of 2018.]

Link: Wellesley Square Commuter Rail Station, Wellesley, MA (12-6-2018)

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