Wellesley Congregational Village Church, Wellesley, MA (12-6-2018)

I was not here to attend church today but I was walking past and decided to tour through the attached graveyard. Of course, you can’t miss this church in the center of Wellesley with the massive steeple that towers over everything else in town.

Originally the Congregational Church of West Needham, it was organized in 1798. The current sanctuary was completed in 1923.

The cemetery itself is obviously as old as the city. There are a number of very old gravestones, some of which have faded to a point that they can no longer be read. Others date to Civil War times. Many of the dates show a decidedly young population passing.

It’s an interesting and sober display of mortality and reality. Worth it.

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Link: Wellesley Congregational Village Church, Wellesley, MA (12-6-2018)

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