Bocado Tapas Wine Bar, Wellesley, MA (12-6-2018)

Me and three friends met up for dinner here and had a superb time. Despite the randomness of our different eating regimes (one doesn’t eat shellfish, one doesn’t eat spicy and one doesn’t eat carbs) we managed to plow our way through the Bocado tapas menu. Different options for different tastes, everyone had some things to enjoy.

We started off with the fried goat cheese and it was very tasty. Served with their great-looking bread (I’m the “no carbs.”), it also had a nice pile of almonds on the side for me to enjoy.

And then more plates started showing up. Everything was delicious. Grilled octopus. Lamb chop “lollipops.” Shrimp with asparagus and goat cheese. Broiled beef brisket with mashed potatoes. Paella.

All of it, plated nicely and served promptly. We killed it.

Eight different entrees, one dessert (churros with a chocolate dipping sauce), soft drinks, the total worked out to $41 each. A complete bargain for this quality and quantity of food.

[Review 10136 overall, 1722 of 2018.]

Link: Bocado Tapas Wine Bar, Wellesley, MA (12-6-2018)

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