Roche Bros, Wellesley, MA (12-5-2018)

My exposure to Roche Bros was their underground grocery store at Downtown Crossing so running across an above ground supermarket was a pleasant surprise. And yes, it is definitely full sized!

As with supermarkets, this one does have all the usual departments. The store is quite tidy and the shelves appeared very well stocked. There is a large focus on prepared foods and ready-to-heat. The sushi display looked fresh and had a good selection.

I’m hours away from my own kitchen so I did not make a full shop here. Instead, I got a light snack from the deli where I found some sliced meats and cheese on special. The gent who served me was pleasant even if his “Thank-you-have-a-good-night” was after he’d already turned away.

The rest of the marked including butchery, produce, dry goods, etc all looked great. Prices were reasonable and I did not spot any holes in the merchandise leveling.

The young man who rang up my purchase was polite and had an appropriate sized bag for my few items. Parking lot was clean and the cart corrals were clear.

[Review 10128 overall, 1714 of 2018.]

Link: Roche Bros, Wellesley, MA (12-5-2018)

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2018-12-04 15.01.57

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