Warehouse Bar & Grille, Boston, MA (12-4-2018)

Slightly upscale dining with high tops and low tops and a bar, this restaurant in the financial district is close enough to the Faneuil Hall tourist spots that you could make it here if you’re looking for something a bit more fancy.

We started off with the cauliflower “wings” in buffalo sauce. Hot from the oven and spicy from the buffalo sauce, these were quite tasty and a solid choice for low fat and no meat. Served with a pot of ranch dressing, carrot and celery sticks, we cleared the plate. My dining colleague liked the idea so much that he ordered another of the same but with teriyaki. These were in a very light sauce which was nice.

For main course, I chose the steak tips. Smothered in a sweet barbecue sauce, they were cooked to the medium rare I ordered. I also substituted shaved Brussels sprouts for the mashed potatoes. These were quite good. All told, a good portion of both meat and side.

The young lady who served us was pleasant and attentive and nearly perfect.

I’m a fan.

[Review 10122 overall, 1708 of 2018.]

Link: Warehouse Bar & Grille, Boston, MA (12-4-2018)

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