sweetgreen, Wellesley, MA (12-4-2018)

Fast, friendly, healthy. I was able to find a “bespoke” salad on their menu that worked with the eating program I’m on these days – Guacamole Greens. No actual guac on it, but there was a fresh half of an avocado and some hot sauce and that’s close enough. The salad was tasty and filling. Not cheap, but good.

Free wifi and power outlets, you could probably chill here for a bit if it’s not too busy. I did see some folks with their laptops. Hard wooden benches, I would imagine the seating isn’t quite comfortable for more than an hour.

[Review 10127 overall, 1713 of 2018.]

Link: sweetgreen, Wellesley, MA (12-4-2018)

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2018-12-04 14.37.21

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