MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, Framingham, MA (12-4-18)

Not very often but it does run. I needed the #8 bus and it did stop at Woodland MBTA station (it’s on the Green Line) at just a little bit after the scheduled 12:08 time. They run this loop ten times throughout the day, more or less hourly.

Some of these places are difficult to access from the city and so a shuttle but that supplements the Green Line out here is helpful.

Fare of $1.50 cash or Charlie Card. They do not accept Charlie Tickets.

It needs to be more often to be useful for me but this tempo may be good for you.

[Review 10123 overall, 1709 of 2018.]

Link: MetroWest Regional Transit Authority, Framingham, MA (12-4-18)

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2018-12-04 12.18.01

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