Delta Sky Club North, Detroit, MI (12-3-2018)

Smaller than the main Sky Club at the Center, the DTW Detroit Airport’s A concourse is massive – a mile from end to end. And you can’t be expected to go a half mile without a Sky Club, so here’s one at the tram station on the North end of the terminal.

If you’ve been to the South Sky Club then you’ve been here. Easily accessed from the tram, or you can get the escalator/elevator upstairs. Entry to the Club has a gatekeeper who will check your access.

Inside, it’s not huge but there are lots of small spaces that help to keep the noise to a minimum. No sleeping areas, but you could perhaps catch a short nap in one of these chairs.

Hot and cold food, snacks, drinks, self-service liquor, coffee, sweets. Wifi is also available and there are plenty of US-style power outlets.

[Review 10121 overall, 1707 of 2018.]

Link: Delta Sky Club North, Detroit, MI (12-3-2018)

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