Abe & Louie’s, Boston, MA (12-2-2018)

I let my colleague choose the restaurant for the celebration. I should have looked at the menu first, but that’s my fault. Yep, I have been released from the project in Boston though I’ll have a week of transition. No worries – I’m on something else and still employed.

Booked on OpenTable and it’s a nice fancy steakhouse. Great service from Anthony tonight who told us about the specials and mentioned that we could get the Wedge as a half which was helpful.

The Wedge salad was a nice start. The usual iceberg lettuce topped with bacon and blue cheese and tomatoes and onions. Delicious and I’m now ready for dinner.

Prime rib, please. My slice was cooked nicely medium rare as requested. Very little fat on this steak and it was delicious. The bit at the edge had a good charred flavor and I ate the entire thing. The marrow with a spoon stuck in it was interesting and if you’re in to that, great. I’m not so much looking for a reminder that there was an actual cow on the other end of this deliciousness.

For sides, we shared a mac & cheese (not keto friendly, I had none) and sauteed mushrooms (very keto friendly, I enjoyed them all).

A restaurant to impress, we enjoyed our time and spent too much money.

[Review 10111 overall, 1697 of 2018.]

Link: Abe & Louie’s, Boston, MA (12-2-2018)

2018-11-28 19.25.36

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