Yuki Shabu-Chinese Gourmet, Somerville, MA (12-1-2018)

I’m not sure how I found Yuki, as it’s not convenient to the T. Fortunately, I had a friend with a car and that made getting here super easy. We found street parking nearby.

With five adults in our party, we ordered three appetizers and five main courses. Some I tried, some I did not. Chinese is tough on a low carb eating program, so I didn’t try any of the noodle dishes or the battered/sauced ones. The dishes came out as they were ready, one at a time. This was fine for us as we were sharing but if you’re not sharing then you will want to specify “all at once.”

Boneless spare ribs were quite good in a light sauce. Some fattier pieces, but over all tasty and sliced into nice sized pieces.

The beef lo mein had a lot of beef in it as did the beef fried rice. I was able to pluck out some of the beef and it had good flavor and was cooked properly.

My friends reported that the crab rangoon was quite good but the pad thai was mediocre.

My main dish was the shredded pork with longhorn peppers. This turned out to be seriously spicy. The peppers were very hot and the pork was excellent. I enjoyed it very much though I would have loved some rice to help cool it down. Oh, well.

Some beers available and they have three choices in sake.

Enjoyable dinner, not sure I would return. I would get that pork and peppers to go though! That was very good.

[Review 10109 overall, 1695 of 2018.]

Link: Yuki Shabu-Chinese Gourmet, Somerville, MA (12-1-2018)

2018-11-27 19.13.12

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