Crave Mad for Chicken, Boston, MA (12-1-2018)

I don’t know that I was craving chicken or mad for chicken but they were new to me and their menu included things that would work on my eating program. So I ordered on the Yelp app and the food arrived on time. That’s a plus.

I started with the sashimi salad. More of a poke with the very small pieces of salmon and tuna and a shrimp on top with a (quail egg?) and it was quite delicious in a light dressing. I’d have this again but bigger as a main course.

Main course was the chicken wings, buffalo style. A little more breaded that I’d have liked but the sauce was hot and spicy, the wings dipped well into the included pot of blue cheese dressing and I enjoyed them much.

Well packaged and very tasty. I could order from Crave again.

[Review 10108 overall, 1694 of 2018.]

Link: Crave Mad for Chicken, Boston, MA (12-1-2018)

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2018-11-26 21.09.56

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