Aspire Lounge, Vantaa, FI (12-1-2018)

It’s no fun to be at the airport at 5:00 AM and it’s even less fun when it’s the end of a fantastic weekend in Helsinki. But the Aspire Lounge helps make some of that pain go away.

I was able to access the lounge as a Delta Diamond Medallion and a Sky Club member. A quick scan of my boarding pass and I was in, even though I was an economy-class passenger today.

Plenty of seating, mostly in small groups. In the back is a posted “Quiet zone” which was where I landed. I was with two friends and we kept our discussions to whisper level. There was no one back here sleeping but it might have been possible to doze off.

Food options were decent with the usual European style including sliced turkey and sliced cheese, yogurt, fruit, fresh bread. I didn’t spot anything hot other than oatmeal. Fresh coffee, sodas, liquor, wine and bubbles available.

Wifi worked well and there were some (EU-style) power outlets available. They did not make any flight announcements.

[Review 10106 overall, 1692 of 2018.]

Link: Aspire Lounge, Vantaa, FI (12-1-2018)

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