Tislaamo, Helsinki, FI (11-30-2018)

One of the last activities we did as a group was the distillery tour here at Tislaamo (aka The Helsinki Distilling Company). The location is a reasonable distance from central Helsinki but there is a tram that gets you two short blocks away. It is an industrial neighborhood and the street was not terribly well lit but we found it and all was good.

Coatroom area at the front and we were greeted by the tour guide who had just started our tour two minutes early. An introduction and history of the Distillery and then she brought us back to where the magic happens. Lots to see in here with stills, tanks, mashers and whatnot. Very interactive with some things to sniff and feel so that you can start to understand what goes on in the process.

Upstairs to a reserved table, this is where the tasting happens. Three glasses prepared including Applejack, White dog and a London Gin. A bottle of tonic water was available too and then at the end, individual bottles of the Helsinki Long Drink to consume. All of it delicious, though the Long Drink was very tart from the grapefruit juice. Very interesting to see all of this and experience it. Well worth the €20.

There is food to be had here as well.

[Review 10101 overall, 1687 of 2018.]

Link: Tislaamo, Helsinki, FI (11-30-2018)

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