B-Smokery, Helsinki, FI (11-30-2018)

A short walk from the Helsinki Distillery, we headed here for post-drinking dinner. It’s an industrial neighborhood so look for the red brick building with the neon lights.

Without a reservation, we were fortunate to get a table for three and started off with beers. A very nice platter of “Pickles and Cheese” had some interesting things on there that were a great appetizer. Pickled pineapple, sliced cucumber and such. It definitely made me ready for the main course.

I chose the ribs and was a little jealous of my friend’s choice of the brisket. It was a full rack of ribs, which arrived not quite warm though the fried potatoes on the side were still hot. Perhaps a little overdone, but I have a very high standard for barbecue. Very meaty, lots of food here.

An ice cream and cookie dessert was shared. Ice cream was good, the cookie part was interesting.

[Review 10102 overall, 1688 of 2018.]

Link: B-Smokery, Helsinki, FI (11-30-2018)

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2018-11-17 20.42.47

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