Oy Hartwall Ab, Helsinki, FI (11-29-2018)

Hartwall is a beverage company and this is the address for their headquarters. Don’t go here, seriously.

Hartwall is part of the Danish Royal Unibrew Group and they produce brands including Hartwall Jaffa, Hartwall Novelle, Lapin Kulta, Karjala and Hartwall Original Long Drink. They’re also partners with the Heineken and Pepsi brands in Finland.

I got to encounter them through their Novelle spring water. Though Helsinki has some of the cleanest and best tasting tap water in the world, it’s not especially portable and so I have this spring water bottle that I consumed and refilled as needed. The first drink? Pretty darned good with a decent flavor. I’d buy this if I needed a drink, for sure!

[Review 10097 overall, 1683 of 2018.]

Link: Oy Hartwall Ab, Helsinki, FI (11-29-2018)

2018-11-18 05.08.26

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