Fafa’s, Helsinki, FI (11-28-2018)

Finished with sightseeing from the nearby design museum, it was getting close to time to start drinking with my friends. Rather than start up with an empty stomach, I thought to get a quick bite before the meetup. Fafa’s to the rescue.

When I arrived, I was one of only three other people in the restaurant but they suddenly got a rush and the place almost completely filled up. Crazy, but after my meal I can understand why it’s so popular.

Chicken and hummus pita, with the hot chilli on it. The young lady behind the counter understood enough English for that, and that I was going to have it here. A few minutes later, my order was called out and I was able to dig in.

If the intention here is to eat this as a sandwich, they’re crazy. At least the first part, you’ll need to fork out pieces and eat them separately or it all falls apart. Delicious fresh and crisp vegetables, hot and spicy chicken, cooling yogurt sauce. All mixed together for a great and not-too-expensive meal. Well done, Fafa’s!

[Review 10095 overall, 1681 of 2018.]

Link: Fafa’s, Helsinki, FI (11-28-2018)

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