Helsingin Tuomiokirkko, Helsinki, FI (11-26-2018)

A perfect day to visit a cathedral, this one in Helsinki is absolutely stunning. And the perfect location, raised above the nearby Senate Square for a great view.

The church was built between 1830 and 1852 and was known as St. Nicholas’ Church (as a tribute to Tsar Nicholas I of Russia). The structure is in a neoclassical style as a Greek cross (a square center and four equilateral arms) symmetrical in each of the four cardinal directions. There is seating capacity for 1300 inside.

The cathedral does have regular services so be aware of that when you come to visit. And as it is a working church, please be respectful of the parishioners who are here praying. Yes, that means keeping your flash disabled, your discussion at whisper quiet and your children under control.

Free to enter.

[Review 10082 overall, 1668 of 2018.]

Link: Helsingin tuomiokirkko, Helsinki, FI (11-26-2018)

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  1. Missing inside photos. Showing only one outside photo of a church, it gives a Lilliputian idea about the item which You presented. This is my personal opinion. Although it is said that one photo equals one thousand, it is not enough when talking about churches, because they absolutely need inside photos. What concern Your text – my hat.

    I give a link to one of my posts to show how I treat items. To present a church like this, it is not possible to show only one picture.

    Church of Haukipudas

    All the best to You.


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