Lappi, Helsinki, FI (11-25-2018)

Five for dinner, I called ahead and booked. As it turned out, we were early and they were able to seat us. The restaurant is quite warm and toasty with a lot of exposed wood that give it a “country” feel. Service was excellent all around as well.

Two of us split the “sampler” platter which came with reindeer, elk, more elk, sausage, baked potato and a lingonberry garnish on one big platter and a big bowl of roasted root vegetables on the side. A tremendous meal and quite delicious. The sausage was good as was the reindeer but it seemed that the elk was just too gamey flavored to be enjoyed. Still, an excellent meal and a great way to try lots of different things.

Really enjoyed and would definitely go back.

[Review 10078 overall, 1663 of 2018.]

Link: Lappi, Helsinki, FI (11-25-2018)

2018-11-16 20.57.12

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