Happy Guide Helsinki, Helsinki, FI (11-25-2018)

I don’t recall where I found Happy Guide but it was a good find for sure. Despite their lack of Yelp reviews, I decided to give them a shot with my four friends as we were all meeting up in Helsinki for the weekend. A bit of negotiating on the start time as one friend was getting in the morning of the tour and we wanted some buffer in case of delay and we set up a time. I paid in advance with Paypal, a very fair rate with a base price for the tour and an additional cost for each participant. The individual price worked out quite well.

We met up with the tour guide right on time at the agreed upon spot and proceeded to walk and eat our way through Helsinki. The Old Market Hall where we had cheese and smoked fish and reindeer, a market stand in the harbor where we tasted fresh cranberries and cloudberries, a bakery, a licorice shop and a brewery. There might have been more along the way that I can’t recall.

Our tour guide spoke very good English and took care of all the arrangements. Other than a tip we gave him at the end, everything was included.

Everyone enjoyed the tour very much and we loved getting this experience to taste and drink our way around Helsinki. Lots of fun and I am definitely a fan!

[Review 10077 overall, 1662 of 2018.]

Link: Happy Guide Helsinki, Helsinki, FI (11-25-2018)

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