Sweetheart, Helsinki, FI (11-24-2018)

Here on the food tour and then I returned the next day because my wife reminded me that she really likes licorice. Okay, so I bought a bunch. About €25 worth!

We tasted a few different things here and my favorite was the licorice-coated almonds. A bag of that came home with me.

Definitely try the salted licorice. I wasn’t prepared for that, thinking that the white powder on it was sugar. It was not. I’m not sure that I don’t like it but it is definitely a flavor that you must try.

Licorice is a thing here in Finland and the licorice here in Sweetheart is excellent. Get some!

[Review 10075 overall, 1660 of 2018.]

Link: Sweetheart, Helsinki, FI (11-24-2018)

2018-11-16 15.51.12

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