Annan Villiliha, Helsinki, FI (11-24-2018)

Another vendor in the Vanha Kauppahalli and one of the stops on our food tour, Annan Villiliha has the meats. All of the meats!

We started off looking over the various reindeer and beef and elk on offer, then were able to have a taste of the cold smoked reindeer meat. Thinner than bacon and just as flavorful, but all red meat here. This is some delicious stuff and a great way to enjoy the Finnish cuisine. Yum!

Prices aren’t cheap but this isn’t supermarket stuff. This is high quality and special. Delicious, for sure.

[Review 10070 overall, 1655 of 2018.]

Link: Annan Villiliha, Helsinki, FI (11-24-2018)

2018-11-16 14.31.16

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